50+ status, caption thả thính Halloween hay, chất, tán ai cũng đổ

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Halloween is not only a day to scare each other, you can also crush your crush on this day with cool and impressive statuses and captions.

What day of Halloween, how to wish your friends to be so impressive are the questions that many people care about every time it’s Halloween.

Halloween is a great Western holiday, loved by everyone. Halloween is not only an opportunity for people to scare and play with each other, but also an opportunity for you to crush your crush with impressive and unique sentences.

Here is a very cool and impressive status and caption on Halloween for your reference!

firstThe best Halloween status, captions

1. This Ween is still the same as the old Ween. Still riding a motorbike and still not having a boyfriend.

2. Halloween night if you need a place to stay, stay in my heart.

3. Have you chosen any character to dress up this Halloween? If not, agree to dress up as my lover.

4. This Halloween night, if you need a place to hide from hundreds of thousands of demons, just hide in my heart!

5. You know, this Halloween night I was given a secret weapon.

– What is that?

– If you touch someone, that person will become your lover. Let me touch you! 🙂

6. Did you know?

If there are 3 oxygens bonded together, it will form Ozone

Ozone protects the Earth. I also want to do ozone to protect you.

7. Honey, I invite you to sweets

After eating, do you have to accept it?

8. Halloween night looming

I thought I was drunk who thought I was drunk

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The best Halloween status, captions

9. This Halloween wants to hire someone to break his leg

Let me take care of you for the rest of my life

10. Halloween who took him to a strange land

To the picture does not show, the soul drifting my heart?

11. Do you know what I want to do for Halloween?

– What?

– Take me home to be your bride!

12. Halloween do you think I look like a person?

– Who?

– Son-in-law of your parents?

13. After Halloween I will go to the temple

I don’t love you back, you cast a spell on love…

14. Baby! Halloween night he will dress up as “monster”

Do you like being “beautiful” with me?

15. The night of May is not yet lying down,

The day of October without a smile has come to Halloween.

On Halloween night, I put on a ghost outfit, is it enough to attract your eyes?

16. Brother, if you don’t know what to dress up as this Halloween, I’ll be your bride and groom.

17. Need to find a partner to transform into a bride and groom on Halloween night. Who wants to be the groom, please inbox!

Be careful, Halloween night I will dress up as a witch to steal your heart Be careful, Halloween night I will dress up as a witch to steal your heart

18. Be careful, Halloween night I will dress up as a witch to steal your heart.

19. Can you stop laughing a little this Halloween? My heart has skipped a beat.

20. This Halloween I wish to have you by my side.

21. Halloween is spooky, creepy, horror, gore, gloomy, and you are pretty, lovely, lovely, feminine. What are you waiting for without coming to me!

22. Need to find a partner to transform into a lover on Halloween night. Please contact us. Hihi.

23. Be careful on Halloween night, or I’ll steal your heart.

24. The moonlight is gradually appearing in the dark sky. Cold fingers spread to the spine. I have a feeling that ghosts are coming to our city on Halloween night. But don’t worry about it, because I’m here to protect you.

25. What do you see on Halloween night? Pumpkins or vampires? As for me, I only see your pretty face everywhere.

26. Can you move over a bit so I can lie down with you? I’m so cold.

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Can you lay over a little bit so I can lie down with you?  I'm so coldCan you lay over a little bit so I can lie down with you? I’m so cold

27. Halloween night ghosts and vampires are waiting for you in the creepy dark night but don’t worry because I’m here.

28. Halloween is here, go at night don’t come back. Remember to only run… towards me.

29. Demons will knock on the door on Halloween night but if you read this password the demons will disappear. Password is I Love You.

30. Carve pumpkins on Halloween and enjoy the thrill of the night of terror but fear not because I will do everything to protect you.

31. This Halloween I wish to have you by my side.

32. Thirty is not Tet, but thirty-one is Halloween. I lament that I have not met a good person, that is because I have not met you.

33. The sun has a hat, the rain has an umbrella, do you have anyone on Halloween night? I’ve been standing here since the afternoon.

34. It’s raining, why haven’t you poured me?

Halloween is coming, why haven’t you come to me?

35. Halloween night, if you need a shelter from evil forces, please stay in my heart, safe.

36. Halloween is here, don’t come back at night, remember to only run towards me.

37. Did you know, on Halloween night, I was given a magic by the witch, that is, thinking of someone, that person will become my lover. Hmm, now I have an image of you in my head.

38. Bro, can I borrow a flashlight? Halloween night is so dark and gloomy, I can’t find my way into your heart.

39. It is said that Halloween night will have many ghosts appear. But it’s strange, why every day I see a shadow around, not haunting but very warm, it’s you.

Bro, can I borrow a flashlight?  Halloween night is so dark and gloomy, I can't find the way to your heartBro, can I borrow a flashlight? Halloween night is so dark and gloomy, I can’t find the way to your heart

40. When night falls, darkness surrounds, scary things on Halloween night will gradually appear, and there is a lovely thing coming, that’s me.

41. On Halloween night, the demons will knock on my door. But if you read this password, the demons will disappear. Password is “I love you”.

42. I don’t need candy for Halloween, because I already have your lips *wink*.

43. In the horror Halloween night, the red devils, ghosts, ghosts, witches … are all chasing you. Run if you don’t want to die.

44. Goblins, dry skeletons are waiting for you outside the door. Do you hear a knock on the door? Dress up on Halloween night so you don’t get caught.

45. Tonight I’m going to be a ghost, scaring everyone, including you.

46. ​​Halloween is back again, wish your love a happy and happy Halloween. Remember to be the prettiest ghost on Halloween

2Awesome Halloween poetry

1. “I want to turn off the sun

Let the color not fade

I want to tie you back

Let me be yours”

Recruit people to dress up as Bears to go to Halloween, promise to be good.

2. Hundred years of water flowing downstream,

Do you want to get married or not?

If so, would you please,

Betel nut brought, home he raised.

Awesome Halloween poetryAwesome Halloween poetry

3. Halloween Love Story Poems

Author: Hoai Van

Hello !

Do you still remember me?

I guess I didn’t notice

Because this Halloween is very crowded

They rushed to the street

Dress up as walking ghosts

But my dear….

You are no longer human!

I died when our love was beautiful

The door to the room is closed

I locked myself in loneliness

No one plays the piano anymore

For the afternoons I sing


Ghosts looking for bodies

To enter

Bring suffering

So please do your own makeup

Become a witch, become a zombie, become a dangerous species

Anything is fine as long as you’re happy with the festival tonight

In the white smoke flying

I wandered in the cemetery

Light-hearted souls

Will see you in a dream

Light up the lanterns!

Devil face pumpkin

Smile full of magic

Halloween !

How do you forget?

That year, the two of us were very happy

I pretend to be Cinderella, I look so strange

And you, the cold Joker

In the park, on a stone bench the two of them sat together

Drink two cups of milk tea

Smiling upside down

Then you kiss me

Gentle kiss

Tell me, don’t you?

I choose fairy tales and you horror movies

A very Halloween love!

Suddenly wobbly!

A fateful day

He did not die of illness

An died in a traffic accident

Halloween I no longer look forward to

Since then the door to my room is closed

Cinderella how beautiful

No lipstick, no nice shirt, pretty pants

Cold with confessions

The Joker is so evil!

Leave me when I’m happy in your warm arms

Halloween is not you !

Halloween year of the year

Cold, bland, silvery…

Tonight by the window

I came to find you

The Joker has a soft kiss

Do you still remember me?


Happy Halloween.

Listening to Halloween with poetry

4. Halloween poem together

Halloween poem with childrenHalloween poem with children

Author: Conscience

Small be…

Cute Snow White

And I keep biting the witch’s miracle peach

I will be the prince who kisses every day

When she woke up, she only loved him forever.

Small be…

A gentle Tam

How many times in faithful life I still wait for you to come out from the fruit market

Then happiness is reborn in sentimental words

Because with her, we can see the true taste of the season of love.

Small is not…

Gorgeous page tilts the water into a zigzag

But he turned Lu Bu infatuated with Dieu Boat

As Tu Hai loves Thuy Kieu to death, he has no regrets

Because a love for giving and receiving cannot be measured.

What is small..?

I turned mossy

Just hug the stone life to warm the heart of the dream lover

You can choose..I want to live for once

All because you are like a wave loving the shore.

Small be…

Forever..a muse!

He is a poet…

Write about you with foolish love..for a lifetime.

Above are 50+ statuses, captions that are good, quality, and popular for everyone that Bach Hoa GREEN has synthesized. Hope this article has given you many good suggestions to conquer your crush!

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