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Commenting on the poem Tung by Nguyen Trai


Topic: Please comment on the poem Tung by Nguyen Trai

Opening the lecture Commenting on the poem Tung by Nguyen Trai

A brilliant politician, one of the great writers of the Vietnamese nation, he is the author Nguyen Trai. He (1380-1442), alias Uc Trai, was a politician and poet under the Ho and Le So dynasties of Vietnam. He used to be a “Thai student”, worked as an official under the Ho dynasty, then the Ming invaded. He participated in the Lam Son uprising led by Le Loi against the Ming invasion. He played an important role in this uprising. In 1442, a great event happened, the entire Nguyen Trai family was excommunicated in the case of Le Chi Vien. Later, King Le Thanh Tong came down to exonerate him in 1464. He was on the list of 14 Vietnamese national heroes, not only that, but he was also a great cultural man, making great contributions to Vietnam. development of Vietnamese literature. He has many works for life, he writes poetry and literature associated with his life and career. His great works such as: “Quan Trung from the life of par, Binh Ngo Dai Cao, Uc Trai Thi Tap, Quoc Am Thi Tap, Chi Linh Son Phu, …” are all famous works, precious gems. left to Vietnamese literature. Among them, there is a typical work, which is the song “Tung” extracted from the volume “Quoc Yin thi Tap”.

Body of the lecture Binh lectured Nguyen Trai’s poem Tung

Tung is a topic in the theme system of Dong Thien Tam Huu (Three Winter Friends) which is very popular in medieval literature in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. Vinh Tung poetry is often written more often by poets and by readers, they remember and memorize more than two friends, bamboo and mai. Tung means the image and quality of a gentleman: endure hardships, trials, live resilient, noble, used for great things, capable of helping the country, etc. Depending on the circumstances of each poet will be spared in different ways. For example, Mong Nguyen through the image of a pine tree in a pot has shown the will and ambition of a man who refuses to live in confinement, living a narrow, round life. Nguyen Binh Khiem is also gullible, he still talks about the hero’s character and talent, but in Nguyen Binh Khiem’s ​​song Tung, his main purpose is to express his attitude towards society: “Use it to help the world, If you don’t use it, hide. Who said big trees are difficult to use?

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Tung in Nguyen Trai’s poetry is one of the poems “Dong Thien Tam Huu”. The three songs “Tung, Truc, Mai” are sung in the “Hoa Moc Mon” part of the “Quoc Yin Thi Tap” volume. Nguyen Trai has exploited the theme of nature to express the theme of the quality of a gentleman, and at the same time, put his personal thoughts into the song Tung. In Bai Tung, the author used a gulf style, mainly like poetry about banana trees, this style is not used to describe. The purpose of the author’s direction is evoked by the thing but is outside the thing.

Vinh Tung, Nguyen Trai has paid attention to highlight the characteristics of the pine tree that the author wants to show the quality of a scholar and the ability of a scholar to make a great contribution to society like the use of Tung tree. These two contents are mentioned and throughout the article. In addition to that, there is also a personal opinion of the author.

At the beginning of the poem, the author said a very precious and rare feature of the pine tree, which is not found in almost any other tree:


“No wonder tree comes in autumn,

Alone in my childhood

Lam Tuyen who is old as a guest

Wealth and high salary will be used.”

In the opening sentence of Tung, there is an affirmative statement: most of the “trees” in autumn also lose their leaves, the branches are thin, when the leaves are gone, only the bare branches are left. while the pine tree is different from the pine tree, which is still green, luxuriant branches and leaves, overcoming the cold of winter is shown more clearly in the second sentence, which is most clearly expressed in the word “lat” – the concept of passing the season. winter is not difficult, but the good thing here is that the way to shorten the sentence to only six words and use the subjunctive “alone- three-dong” shows us the strong and strong struggle of the pine tree. against the harsh cold and intense weather. The author means that a gentleman has the qualities of overcoming difficulties, overcoming all the hardships and challenges of objective circumstances like a pine tree, so even though it is the objective weather, it is still lush. As in the article Tung by Nguyen Binh Khiem:

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“Fun with rock streams, noble personality

Apart from the snow and dew, the green color does not change.”

The pine is green while many other trees are affected and changed by the seasons, just like a “severe gentleman” but not subject to life.


“How much talent is equal to you?

The whole family demanded to fight against health instead

Steadfast roots do not move

It’s been many days since it’s been snowing.”

In the next stanza, stanza II, the author continues to describe another feature of the pine tree that few tree species have, which is clearly shown in the last two sentences, continuing the first two lines of the first stanza as both explained and explained. demonstrated in addition to the special highlight of the pine tree. The reason why the pine tree “was late in the three winters”, “for many days” with snow and frost, is because of its “durable roots” that are easy to cling to, deeply embedded in the ground. No matter how strong the wind, no matter how big the storm is, it still doesn’t move. In the verse “The roots are strong and do not move” it also shows the health, resilience and strength of the pine tree. Through great challenges of both intensity and time (many days), the strength of the pine tree is revealed not only in a moment, but in the persistence and sustainability of the pine tree. In the folk song we also have a saying about the quality, resilience of the pine tree in stormy days:

“Only when the wind shakes will you know that the pine is hard,

Only a great fire knows the high golden consciousness.”

The image of the verse through the verse “roots are steadfast and do not move” is a symbol of a gentleman with a steadfast will, unaffected by things such as gold, silver, treasures, power, etc. blurred vision.

Next is another feature of the pine tree, which has “amber”, “reverent spirit” that no other tree species has, this is a very unique feature of the pine tree. According to ancient legend, “amber” is as beautiful as jade because it turns into pine essential oil after a thousand years, and after a hundred years, it becomes “revealing spirit”, if there is a core, it will become a god. Amber is a rare jewelry, while worshiping spirits and gods are precious medicines that increase longevity. Although, Tung has such a precious medicine, but the miracles that are created are lying on the ground, you have to see to know, just like a gentleman has great virtue, high talent but is always humble and humble. Good qualities of a gentleman: “A gentleman is humble and not arrogant”. The above characteristics show us that the pine tree is very precious, but the most valuable is its use: as the main pillar for the house, shown in the fourth sentence of stanza I, “If you have a high salary, you will use it”, the use Next is to support the big house “The whole family requires phen to fight health instead” and its special use has a precious medicine to cure diseases, increase life expectancy, and improve people’s health: “Having a medicine for immortality is more important than ever. rather healthy- Amber, you will know when you look at it”. The author has used the art form of continuous phase o-ruoc kieu – the last verse of the previous stanza is repeated in whole or in part in the first verse of the next stanza. But the author’s intention does not just refer to the biological use of pine trees, but the author has implied through the use of pine trees to talk about the gentleman.

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The three stanzas have completed the image of the pine tree and want to talk about the image of a gentleman who has all the qualities: benevolence, wisdom, and courage. The poem is also a confiding, telling to himself, with this poem as if he was talking to himself rather than to other people. His life was also full of ups and downs, encountered many obstacles, but he was not discouraged, he reminded himself, fostering the ideal of living for himself as a gentleman who must be like a pine tree.

Conclusion Commenting on the poem Tung by Nguyen Trai

The poem shows us that Nguyen Trai is a politician with the will and ideal of living for the country and for the people. Through the poem, we can also see that he is a “literary and martial artist” who is not only good at martial arts but he is also good at literature with a bunch of good poems for later people to admire. His poem helps to awaken the will of today’s young generation to try harder to overcome their weaknesses, create more resilient will and strong will to defend the country’s independence.

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