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According to medicine, moles are simply understood as colored moles on the skin formed by mutated subcutaneous pigment. However, according to anthropology, the color and position of the mole have certain meanings, describing the personality and general number of each person.

In the article below, INVERT will share with readers some information related to the meaning of green mole positions on hands in men and women. Specifically, please refer to All the Green Moles on the Hand that you need to know.

I. What is a green mole?

Before learning about the meaning of a green mole on the hand, readers also need to understand what a green mole is to avoid confusion with some other types of moles that appear on the body.

In fact, green moles also appear because the pigment glands under the skin are mutated and create small pale or dark green spots on the skin. Normally, green moles will not be too large, the maximum diameter is only nearly 1cm.

Small green moles on the arms may not pose a danger to us. However, if the green mole is relatively large, it can completely metastasize into skin cancer, which is difficult to detect at the right time. So if your mole is dark green and large, you should see a doctor to check the safety of the mole and remove it if necessary.

II. The meaning of green moles on the hands of men and women

In addition to seeing it from a medical perspective, anthropology has always said that green moles on the hands also have certain meanings, associated with the personality type and destiny of each individual. Specifically:

1. Green mole on left and right hand

– A green mole on the left or right arm near the armpit, this person’s love line will face many obstacles until death.

– A green mole located on the right hand growing on the elbow represents a person with an unhappy family love life, a temporary husband and wife, living on each other’s behalf.

– The meaning of a green mole located on the left or right hand position if it grows on the right shoulder is a person who is amorous, flirtatious, or playful, joking with the opposite sex.

2. Green mole on back of left and right hand

Green moles appearing on the hands always carry certain meanings. As for the location of the blue mole appearing on the back of the left hand, these people often live very unfaithful lives, so they often do not have quality relationships around them. However, their lives are relatively affluent, making a lot of wealth and material things with a full life.

People who have a green mole on the back of their right hand are often those who fear things that are not real. So, before doing something they are often very nervous, unable to do great things. They are also the type of people who are easily disoriented in life and work, and find it difficult to make accurate decisions because they worry too much.

3. Green mole on left wrist and right hand

According to anthropology, whether the person who owns a green mole on the left or right wrist is a man or a woman, they all have bad luck. Their life is often difficult to succeed in career, love is also very difficult.

The owner of a green mole in the wrist position always has an arduous and difficult life. They always have to try to work all year round, but they always live in material and difficult situations. In addition, the health of these people is not really good, often sick constantly, the risk of premature death due to illness or overwork leads to exhaustion.

The love story of these people is also not very lucky. Even though they themselves always try to make sacrifices for the family, they always do not receive the respect of their partner. If the person with this mole is female, she will often be scolded or even beaten because of her husband’s or lover’s brute force.

In short, the green mole on the wrist is an unlucky position, always bringing bad luck in terms of feng shui. Therefore, you can also consider removing moles to limit bad luck in the future.

4. Green mole on left arm and right hand

Depending on where the mole grows on the left and right arm, the meaning of that mole also has certain differences. Such as:

  • The green moles that appear below the elbow of the right arm are often people with an inconsistent personality type, often angry, grumpy with people around even though they are the wrong person.
  • People with moles growing on the right elbow are often those who have an unhappy love life, a couple’s life is always temporary, like living off each other, not really happy or seeing a family home.
  • People with a green mole on their left hand near the armpit are also not lucky in their love life. They may even have to live with her for the rest of their lives.

With this shared information, readers must have understood more about the meaning of the green mole on the left and right hands of men and women. From there, you can consider considering if you own that mole position.

IIII. Other green mole meanings

– A green mole on the left shoulder represents a very long-suffering person, cheating on the road of love, family religion, life is difficult to escape suffering because of love.

– Green mole on the buttocks is quite special for both men and women, those who own moles on the buttocks are usually quite talented, have a very good work capacity, but sometimes they do not have a clear plan, so often fail in life as well as work.

The reason is that people with moles on the buttocks are quite lazy and discouraged, so even though they have talent, they cannot promote their full potential.

IV. Decipher 28 locations of GREEN moles on the palm of your hand

Decipher 28 positions of green moles on the palm of your hand
Decipher 28 positions of green moles on the palm of your hand

(first) Mole on the tip of the thumb usually expressed as decisive, forward-thinking, good at business. However, the personality of the owner of this mole is quite rigid, so it is easy to make mistakes.

(2) The person who knows how to love and care for his family, always knows how to nurture his beloved family.

(3) The number of peaches and flowers, wherever they go, is loved by many, especially those of the opposite sex.

(4) According to anthropology, lipstick mole on index finger often have extreme character, it is easy to have illegal acts.

(5) Aggressive personality, always putting his own interests first to satisfy his vanity.

(6) A mole in the palm shows that you are a highly possessive person, often selfish in love affairs.

(7) Mole on middle fingerwho always abides by the provisions of the law, is a good citizen of society.

(8) Always have a high sense of responsibility, put the collective interests first, should be appreciated by superiors, promoted at work.

(9) People who value material things, especially if it is a mole on a woman’s hand, always put money on everything.

(10) This is a person with a natural talent for art, quickly achieving many successes in his career.

(11) People who carry a mole on this hand often value honor, lofty goals to strive for and conquer.

(12) Signs that a rich emotional life, living according to the heart’s instructions, quite large desires.

(13) Very strong personality and loves to attract the attention of people around.

(14) Due diligence, working according to a clear plan, so the work efficiency is often very high.

(15) Good ability to research, observe and evaluate problems, suitable for the research profession.

(16) A mole in the middle of your hand shows that you are a very meticulous person, but your personality is quite cold and rigid, so the love story is quite messy.

(17) If you are a male, your wife’s family will help you, and if you are a female, you will take care of your work and help you grow.

(18) Mole on Earth’s mound: Men / women have a lot of luck in their career, happiness, wealth and prosperity.

(19) Mole on the temporal mound: Men/women are easy to meet lightning love and marital love.

(20) Mole on glass moundIf you have a lipstick mole, then your destiny is good, and if it is a black mole, it is a harbinger of love with many obstacles.

(21) Mole in the fire mound yinlipstick mole in business is easy to meet noble people, very easy to succeed.

(22) Mole in Thai yin moundthe person with a mole on the hand of this position, whether male or female, will have a good and happy predestined relationship with the person they love.

(23) Mole in Venus mound, the owner of a red mole has a prosperous life, without having to worry about material money. However, if it is a black mole, it is a manifestation of separation, separation, and much suffering.

(24) Mole in the fire moundThis person is helped by many people in whatever he does, so he can easily succeed in his career.

(25) Mole on wristwho will enjoy great fortune or unexpected luck that becomes rich.

(26) The mole is on the center line, Owners often fail, always have to think about many things.

(27) The mole is on the spiritual line, Some are self-sufficient early, have to be away from family and are likely to fall into a state of nothingness when starting a business.

(28) Mole is on the life lineneed to be careful lest the sudden accident lead to sudden death.

Hopefully with the above information, readers have obtained the most useful information regarding the meaning of the positions of the lipstick moles on the hands of women and men. From there, you can consider or remove the mole if that position is unlucky.

The information that we provide above is also for reference only, does not completely confirm your destiny. Therefore, just read to know some more meanings, not superstition but believe completely, thereby despairing because the mole position is judged as unlucky.

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