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Writing grade 9

Essay writing: Review of poetry

Essay writing: Review of poetry

Question 1: Make a list of modern poetic works in Literature 9.


Poem title


Year of creation

Poetic form


Artistic features



Chinh Huu



The comradeship of soldiers is based on the same situation and fighting ideals, which is expressed naturally, idly but deeply in all circumstances, it makes an important contribution to creating strength and beauty. spirit of the revolutionary soldier.

Details, images, simple language, realism, succinct, expressive power.


Poems about the squad car without glasses

Pham Tien Duat



Through unique images – cars without glass, prominently depicting images of soldiers driving on Truong Son route during the anti-American resistance war with proud posture, brave spirit and fighting will The South revolution.

Vivid realistic materials, unique images; Natural, strong, rich vocal tone.


Fishing boat

Huy Can


Seven letters

Beautiful, large and magnificent pictures of nature, the universe and workers on the high seas follow the boat’s fishing journey. Thereby expressing feelings about nature and labor, joy in new life.

Many beautiful, large images, created by association and imagination; healthy, upbeat sound.


Fire stove

Vietnamese degree


Combination of seven letters and eight letters

The touching memories of her and her granddaughter love show her respect and admiration for her and also for her family, homeland, and country.

Combine expressions with descriptions and comments; create images of fire stoves associated with the image of the grandmother.


Lullabies for babies growing up on their mothers’ backs

Nguyen Khoa Diem


Love is eight words

Expressing the Ta-Oi mother’s love for children associated with patriotism, fighting spirit and aspiration for the future.

Tap into a sweet, affectionate lullaby.



Nguyen Duy


Five letters

From the image of the moonlight in the city, recalling the past years of the soldier’s life, he was attached to nature and the idyllic country, reminding the attitude of gratitude and loyalty.

The image is idyllic but rich in symbolic meaning; The voice is sincere, soft and deep.



Che Lan Vien



From the image of a child still in the lullabies, praising the mother’s love and the meaning of the lullaby for each person’s life.

Creative use of the image and tone of the lullaby of folk songs


Little spring



Five letters

Feelings before the spring of nature and the country, expressing the sincere wish to contribute the small spring of their life to the common life.

Poetic form of the year, but has a clear, earnest melody, close to folk songs; simple beautiful images, creative metaphors and comparisons.


Visiting Uncle Ho’s Tomb

Vien Phuong


Eight letters

The poet’s respect and deep emotion towards Uncle Ho once from the South to visit Uncle Ho’s mausoleum

The tone is solemn and earnest; many beautiful and sexy metaphors; simple, condensed language.



Huu Thinh

After 1975

Five letters

The transformation of nature at the change of seasons from summer to autumn through the poet’s subtle perception.

The image of nature is evoked by many sensations of sensitivity, precise language, and sensuality.


Tell me

Y Phuong

After 1975


By talking with children, the poem shows the attachment, pride in the homeland and the living morality of the nation.

The way of saying is rich in images, both specific, sexy, and suggest a deep meaning.


Clouds and waves


In the episode Children – 1909 (later changed to New Moon)

Freedom (translation)

Through the baby’s conversation with the mother, the poem expresses boundless love for the mother and praises the mother-child love.

Poems carry the tone and innocent language of children ; many beautiful, imaginative and sexy images.

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Verse 2: It is possible to arrange the poems Vietnam has learned by historical period, from 1945 to present:

  • [1945-1954:Comrade.

  • 1955 – 1964: Fishing boat, fire, stork.

  • 1965 – 1975: Poem about the squad of cars without glasses, Lullaby of big babies on their mother’s back.

  • After 1975: Moonlight, Little Spring, Visiting Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, Talking to Children, Coming Autumn.

– The above poetic works have recreated the life of the country and the image of Vietnamese people throughout a historical period since the August Revolution in 1945, through many stages.

  • The country and people of Vietnam in the two resistance wars against the French and against the US with many hardships and sacrifices but very heroic.

  • Labor work, nation building and good human relations.

But the main thing that poetic works have shown is the soul, feelings and thoughts of people in a historical period with many great changes and profound changes:

  • Patriotism, patriotism.

  • Comradeship, attachment to the revolution, respect for Uncle Ho.

  • The close and enduring human emotions: the love of mother and child, grandchild, in unity with broad common feelings.

Question 3: Compare poems with similar topics to see what is common and unique

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– Two poems: “lullaby” and “stork” both refer to mother-child love: praising mother-child love, the expression is close: the lullaby, the mother’s lullaby but the content of love The feelings and emotions of each song have their own characteristics.

  • “Lullaby”: Unity of love for children with patriotism of ethnic mothers

  • “Stork”: Exploiting and developing four poems from the image of the stork in lullabies to praise the mother’s love and the meaning of the lullaby.

  • Expand to compare the two songs above with “clouds and waves” Ta-Go: “clouds and waves” transforms into the innocent conversation of a baby with his mother to express his mother’s love the strength of love. motherhood

Verse 4: The three songs “comrades”, “poems. glasses”, and “moonlight” are all written about revolutionary soldiers with beauty in personality and soul, but each song ends with its own features and sets in perfect circumstances. different scene

  • “Comrade”: Soldier at the beginning of the resistance war against the French, came from peasants, comradeship, comradeship on the basis of common circumstances -> beauty and strength of comrades

  • “Poem of the squad car without glasses”: The image of the driver representing the young generation in the anti-American era: bravery, optimism, will to fight.

  • “Moonlight”: contemplation of a soldier who went through the war, now lives in the city of peace

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=> Reminds me of memories, reminds me of morality, love and loyalty

Question 5: Commenting on the style of building poetic images through some works “Comrade” and “Fishing boat”: using two different styles

  • Comrade: Mainly realistic writing, the image of “the moon gun hanging” at the end of the article is romantic but also comes from the realism (the author caught it in the night of the ambush waiting for the enemy)

  • Fishing boats: symbolic romantic writing is key

  • The squad of cars without glasses: using realistic writing style, very specific and detailed descriptions from the shape of the car without glasses to the feeling and activities of the driver.

  • Moonlight Nguyen Duy has included many real images and details, very simple, but mainly uses descriptive style, not going into details, but towards the general and symbolic meaning of the image.

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