Truyện Cho Bé 2 Tuổi – 7 Truyện Siêu Hay Mà Các Mẹ Nên Kể Cho Bé.

The piglet is a very cute animal, but it has a very bad habit, that is, it does not like to bathe. Hate dirt clinging to the body makes its skin become streaky, white and black spots, and the smell is really unpleasant.

Comic book for 2-year-olds number 1: Piglet visits friends

One day, Baby Bear invited his friends to his house to play, Piglet also received an invitation. Piglet is excited to go to Baby Bear’s house.

“Cock tsk tsk tsk …” The piglet knocked on the door. The cub opened the door and asked in surprise, “Who are you?” Piglet said: “I’m Piglet here, you invited me to your house to play, don’t you remember?” Baby Bear said: “I invited Piglet, it’s a very beautiful white pig, why is your friend so black?” After saying that, Baby Bear took a deep breath and said: “You have an unpleasant smell on you, similar to the smell on a Fox, are you a Fox pretending to be a Pig?”.

The Rabbit and the Puppy also ran over, they also smelled the Pig and said: “That friend is so smelly, it must be a cunning Fox pretending to be a Pig, let’s chase him away!”.

You immediately took the stick and chased the piglet away. Piglet is so scared, running and screaming: “I’m not a Fox, I’m a Piglet!” But you still don’t believe it and continue to chase it.

The piglet ran to a small pond, it accidentally slipped and fell into the pond. It immediately took the opportunity to hastily take a bath, scrubbing it clean.

After bathing, the Piglet climbed ashore. Surprised cub asked: “Pig, that’s so strange, just now we obviously saw a Fox falling into the pond, why are you friends now?”

The piglet sheepishly said, “It wasn’t the Fox that fell into the pond just now, it was me. Because I’m lazy to take a bath, I’m both dirty and smelly, causing you to misunderstand.”

After understanding the end of the story, Piglet’s friends burst into laughter. They pulled the piglet’s hand to the bear’s house and ate, danced, and sang happily.

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Story for 2-year-olds #2: Goose lays golden eggs

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and his wife who were lucky enough to have a very special goose, that every day it laid a golden egg.

Story for 2-year-olds #2: Goose lays golden eggs
Comic book for 2-year-olds #2: Goose lays golden eggs

Even so, the couple didn’t seem satisfied, they wanted more gold to quickly become rich.

They imagined that if the goose could lay golden eggs, the inside of its belly would have to be made of gold. The couple was sure that if they could get all the gold at once, they would quickly become rich instead of waiting every day. They decided to cut open the goose’s belly to get the gold.

When they dissected the goose’s belly, they were shocked to find that it resembled all other normal geese. And from there, they lost their golden goose and lived forever in poverty.

Story for 2-year-olds number 3: Careless duckling

– Embarrassed. Expose your butt. I run wild

When the duckling heard that, he knew that the Rabbit was singing to make fun of him. He was so embarrassed that his face was red. When the Duckling went through the forest, he heard again the singing of the Monkey in the tree:

– The wind blows, the lotus leaves fly. Get your butt out

Story for 2-year-olds number 3: Careless duckling
Comic book for 2-year-olds number 3: Careless duckling

The duckling was even more embarrassed and cried louder. When he got home, the duckling told his mother about it, and his mother couldn’t help but laugh and say:

– From now on, remember to give up the habit of leaving clothes in a mess!

The duckling “Yes” is clearly big and goes to get dressed.

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Story for 2-year-old children number 4 Monkey and Dolphin

One day, the sailors began to prepare their belongings to set sail on a sailboat, which would be a long journey. One sailor even brought a monkey on board.

The boat went out to sea and drifted in the middle of the sea, less than expected a terrible storm came and overturned their ship. All the sailors fell into the sea, and so did the monkey, he was sure he would drown.

Suddenly a dolphin appeared and saved the monkey’s life. It carried the monkey on its back and swam to the nearest island to escape the storm.

Story for 2-year-old children number 4 Monkey and Dolphin
Story for 2-year-old children number 4 Monkey and Dolphin

The two animals found a small island, when the monkey got off the dolphin’s back. Dolphin asked, “Have you ever been to an island like this?”

The monkey quickly replied: “Of course. You know, the king of this island is also my best friend. I’m actually a monkey prince, dolphin.” The dolphin knew that in fact no one lived on this deserted island, it said: “Good, good, so you are a prince! Now you can even become a king!”

The monkey asked: “How to become a king? “

The dolphin began to swim away, and then it turned to the monkey and replied: “It’s easy, monkey. You’re the only animal on this island, so naturally you’ll be king!”

The monkey realized the mistake of his bragging but it was too late, the dolphin swam away, leaving it alone on the deserted island.

LEARNINGS from the story of the monkey and the dolphin

Lying and bragging will bring a lot of trouble. Be a good and honest kid, kids!

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Story for 2-year-olds number 5: Put a bell on the cat

Because of cats, the life of the rat family becomes difficult. Rats are hunted by cats every day.

One day, the rat family gathered to discuss how to get rid of the cat. Over and over again, the mouse can’t think of a solution.

Then a new mouse spoke up:

─ I would like your opinion. The reason we get caught is because we don’t know when the cat will come next to us. Now, let’s put this bell around the cat’s neck. Thus, when the cat approaches, we will all hear it clearly and easily hide.

This suggestion is well received.

Until a moment later an old rat stood up and said:

─ Very well, but who will wear the bell for the cat?

The rats kept looking at each other without saying anything. Seeing this, the old mouse said:

─ It’s always easy said but hard to do.

Ring the bell for the cat
Ring the bell for the cat

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Story for 2-year-old children number 6: Lazy little bird

There was a little bird that was pampered by his parents, so he was very lazy. Every day, besides eating and sleeping, he did nothing. One day the birds chirped:

– Little bird, learn to fly with us.

– Learn to fly for what? I have parents to take care of and protect me, so I don’t need to study anymore.

After that, the little bird went away, took out the fruit cake and ate it. The birds just shook their heads and pulled each other to learn to fly. The little bird enjoys the food while mumbling:

– I’m not stupid when I have good food but don’t eat it, and I go to school for useless things.

A month has passed, all the birds can fly. They invited each other to visit the little bird and were surprised to find it very fat. Little birds don’t care about you, but turn their backs and continue to sleep.

Seeing this, the birds took turns flying away. At that moment, a snake hiding in the canopy appeared, stuck out its hideous tongue and crawled slowly to where the little bird was lying.

The little bird is still fast asleep, so it doesn’t know the danger is lurking. Fortunately, the birds flying nearby saw this scene and quickly swooped down and shouted, warning the little bird:

– Little bird, get up, fly away, there’s a snake.

The little bird woke up startled, was about to flap its wings to fly, but because it couldn’t fly, it fell from the tree. The quick-witted little bird’s friends grabbed its wings and flew to safety. Having lost its prey, the snake was extremely angry.

After regaining his senses, the little bird was very grateful for your saving lives, but suddenly thinking of his previous attitude, he blushed in shame and whispered:

– Please excuse me. Thank you guys for saving me. I know my mistake, I will learn to fly like you guys, teach me to fly.

Birds in unison:

– Of course it is, but…

– But what? – asked the little bird.

– You have to lose weight, otherwise, with a round belly, how can you fly?

They all laughed happily, a bird friend continued:

– We’re just joking, let’s practice flying the little birds.

So the little bird gave up his lazy habit and learned to fly with his friends.

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Story No. 7: The Story of Chung Cake and Full Cake

Once upon a time, during the reign of the 6th Hung King, after defeating the An enemy, the king intended to pass the throne to his son.

On the occasion of the beginning of spring, the new king gathered the princes, said: “Whoever finds good food, to arrange the most meaningful meal, I will pass the throne to him”.

Late night story for baby number 2 The Story of Banh Chung and Day Cake

The princes race in search of strange gifts to offer to their father, in the hope of taking the throne.

Meanwhile, the 18th son of Hung Vuong, Tiet Lieu (also known as Lang Lieu) has a gentle disposition, a moral lifestyle, and is filial to his parents. Because his mother died early, there was no one to draw, so he was worried that he didn’t know what to do.

One day, Tiet Lieu dreamed that a god came and said: “Son, there is nothing more precious in Heaven and Earth than rice, because rice is the food that feeds people. You should take glutinous rice to make round and square cakes, to represent Heaven and Earth. Let’s take the outer leaf, put the filling in the inside of the cake, so that the image of the mother and father is born.”

Tiet Lieu woke up, extremely happy. He followed God’s instructions, chose good glutinous rice to make square cakes to represent the Earth, and put them in a cooked bowl called Banh Chung. And he pounded the sticky rice to make a round cake, leaving the image of Heaven, called Banh Day. The green leaves wrapped on the outside and the filling inside the cake are the image of loving parents taking care of their children.

On the day of the appointment, the princes brought food to the table. Oh come on, full of flavors, many delicious dishes. Prince Tiet Lieu only had Banh Day and Banh Chung. King Hung Vuong was surprised to ask, then Tiet Lieu brought the story of the God of Dreams and explained the meaning of Banh Day and Banh Chung. The king’s father tasted it, found the cake delicious, and praised it meaningfully, so he passed the throne to Tiet Lieu, his 18th son.

Since then, every time the Lunar New Year comes, people make Chung cake and Day cake to offer to ancestors and Heaven and Earth.

Hopefully parents will tell stories to their 2-year-old children more often with the stories above. By reading stories to 2-year-olds above. Hopefully, your baby will not only develop language skills but also become smarter. If parents need more stories, they can leave us a comment.

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If you have any questions, you can leave a comment

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