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October 10, 2022 is the 68th anniversary of the Liberation of the Capital, marking a great milestone for the history of the Vietnamese nation: Hanoi capital was officially liberated.

October is full of major holidays and anniversaries with significant and meaningful events. Do you know what holiday in October is and one of the big anniversaries for our nation? Here, let’s find out about the Liberation Day of the Capital 10/10 with Bach Hoa Xanh.

first Learn about Capital Liberation Day 10/10

Historical background of Capital Liberation Day

In 1954, right after the famous victory at Dien Bien Phu, the Geneva Agreement was signed and the armistice in Indochina took effect. Thanks to the intense struggle process, on September 30, 1954 and October 2, 1954 at the Central Joint Committee for Armistice, the Government Council, the Military Committee of Hanoi city was established and the government was officially established. the formal takeover of Hanoi city according to the resolution dated September 17, 1954.

French troops withdraw from Hanoi

However, the units that took over Hanoi still had to be very wary of the provocative plots of the saboteurs. On the morning of October 8, 1954, our army units divided into many lines and began to enter the outskirts of Hanoi. Then the next day, our troops entered the inner city of Hanoi and spread everywhere.

Our troops entered the capitalOur troops entered the capital

In turn, our troops took over the station, the Governor General’s office, the Don Thuy area, the Bo Ho area, and the Thong Su palace. After the French Union army left the city, our army completely controlled the city of Hanoi. In the joyful atmosphere of welcoming liberation, red flags with yellow stars hung everywhere along with the utmost joy of our army and people after many years of struggle to regain the capital.

On the morning of October 10, 1954, the first convoy was paraded by Major General Vuong Thua Vu and doctor Tran Duy Hung, together with the people of the capital, neatly dressed, carrying flags, flowers, and Uncle Ho’s photo, arranged in teams. The orderly team followed the convoy.

Uncle Ho on the streets of HanoiUncle Ho on the streets of Hanoi

After that, our soldiers marched through the streets of Kim Ma, Hang Day, Cua Nam, Hang Bong, Hang Dao, Hang Ngang… and entered the East Gate of Hanoi. The procession continued through Bach Mai, Hue Street, Sword Lake, Bo Ho, Dong Xuan Market and entered the citadel at 10:45 am.

Along with the cheers and joy of the people of the capital, at 15:00 on October 10, 1954, hundreds of thousands of people attended the flag-raising ceremony held by the Military Commission at the Flagpole Stadium. . Chairman of the Military Commission Vuong Thua Vu respectfully read President Ho Chi Minh’s appeal to the people of the capital on the occasion of liberation day.

Our army and people celebrate the Liberation Day of the CapitalOur army and people celebrate the Liberation Day of the Capital

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Historical significance of Capital Liberation Day

Hanoi Capital Liberation Day can be said to be an important milestone when North Vietnam was completely freed from the domination of the colonial empire. For the whole country, this is a positive sign that the people are mastering their own destiny and the country, excitedly embarking on the construction of a new society.

Historical significance of Capital Liberation DayHistorical significance of Capital Liberation Day

Hanoi Capital’s Liberation Day also became a golden lipstick in the journey of national defense, construction and development, marking a turning point of great significance, opening a glorious new period of development of the country. our country.

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2 Good wishes and poems about Capital Liberation Day 10/10

Wishes for Liberation Day 10/10

Wishes for Liberation Day 10/10Wishes for Liberation Day 10/10

1.On the occasion of the liberation of the capital on October 10, I would like to wish my comrades, relatives, families, comrades and family members of martyrs across the country good health and happiness.

2.Congratulations to the veterans who brought joy to victory and liberated the capital! Remembering the fallen soldiers to have 10/10 victory day of the nation!

3. Please offer the most beautiful flowers and send best wishes to the Veterans who fought for the liberation of the capital. And please also light a candle for the soldiers who fell on the battlefield in the South, for the peace and unification of the Fatherland.

4.Vietnam is one, the Vietnamese people are one. Rivers may dry up, mountains may erode, but that truth never changes. Hope everyone has a nice day off.

5. Wish you all have a meaningful and happy holiday on 10-10, but don’t forget to always remember the heroes who have sacrificed for independence now they have fallen. blood so that we can have beautiful days like this. Let’s go with friends to visit the heroic martyr cemeteries.

6.Congratulations on the liberation of the capital 10-10. Never forget the feat of his father who shed blood for the independence and unification of the country.

Poems on Liberation Day 10/10

Poem: Returning Day

Author: Nguyen Dinh Thi

The Day Come Back PoemThe Day Come Back Poem

Hanoi this afternoon it rains heavily

I’m back here with the old town

The water of Hoan Kiem Lake is so calm

Turtle Tower shed tears and laughs in the rain

I look at my eyes, I see the code

My heart is like a fire burning hot oil

Lying in the foothills of the forest at the top of the mountain

Where are you comrades today?

I stood crying in the pouring rain

The jingle of the tram bells ringing

My heart is like a cool stream

I’m back, Hanoi!

Hanoi girl, my cheeks are red

When did you keep the flower shirt

Street corner wall covered with blood spilled

As fresh as the flags

From all four directions fire bullets

The children come back after many years

Take off the gun and wipe the sweat from your forehead

I built my Hanoi again.

Poem: Feelings of October

Author: Ta Huu Yen

October Feeling PoemsOctober Feeling Poems

Can’t say the sky is not clearer

And your eyes are bluer than usual

When the army pulls back that autumn

The drum beat beats thirty-six streets

Mother in the front line was in tears

Anxious mother often calls children

The soldier lovingly looked at his mother

Listen to the joy that warms the soul

The night, the night of withdrawing troops under the bridge

You, you promised to come back tomorrow

The waves of the Red River beat the shore and sing forever

Red faith is a triumph song

An early autumn in the land covered with golden stars

Five doors spread out five wide wings

The army returned undulating like waves

The houses seem to want to be taller

October is a drunken song

The song opens full of victories

Oh Thang Long – Dong Do – Hanoi

Thousand years is still this one heart.

Poem: Dear Hanoi

Author: Thai Hung

Poem: Dear HanoiPoem: Dear Hanoi

Who goes to Hanoi far away,

Please send me a few words.

Thang Long cherished forever,

Hong Ha, Yen Phu of childhood.

Dreamy summer afternoons,

Ho Guom red phoenix is ​​the source of our poetry.

Autumn turns to golden love,

Co Ngu walks side by side with a pair of silhouettes.

Since the separation of embryos,

The South and the North are so heartbroken.

The heart always yearns for the day to return,

Travel around the country passionate about rivers and lakes.

Go build a fortune,

Explore and learn to help people.

Human life is like a vanity,

How to be worthy of the people of Lac Hong?

The body is satisfied with mourning,

Glory of Viet Nam, Dragon and Fairy descendants.

Crazy little heart,

The love of the homeland is nostalgic, eternally sorrowful.

Green hair is now gray,

Lim Hoi, Kinh Bac, Cau River in the old village.*

Remember to love the tears in the autumn rain,

Age over eighty, who put now?

The autumn weather is cold and foggy,

Poetry sends the wind and thanks to the clouds.

Outside, the leaves fall like rain,

My heart always remembers my old school friends.

The more autumn comes, the more I miss it,

Sword Lake, The Huc, Dao, and Ngang.

Trang Tien walking on the street.

Hang Duong, Hang Ma, display “Mid-Autumn goods”.

Remember the day of the border resistance war,

Lang Son, Bac Kan are murky and foggy.

The liberated capital awaits,

Back to walking around Hoan Kiem Lake.

Heartfelt sobbing, remembering,

Dreaming of returning to the glorious homeland.

Blue sky, white clouds, yellow sun,

Autumn, Mother’s hometown, glorious village.

3 The most heroic songs about Capital Liberation Day 10/10

Here are some songs about Capital Liberation Day 10/10 you can refer to:

Going to Hanoi (Composer: Van Cao)

Going to HanoiGoing to Hanoi

The song is a heroic picture showing the spirit of our army and people about the resistance war to liberate the capital. Although it was born in 1949, but, the song as a harbinger of victory not far away. Along with the overwhelming joy of the liberation day, the song with a proud spirit was played on the happy day of the people of the capital and the whole country.

Liberated Hanoi (composed by: Nguyen Van Quy)

Hanoi is liberatedHanoi is liberated

Liberation Hanoi is a song written specifically for the Liberation Day of the Capital. The song was played at Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square by the choir of the Hanoi National Salvation Youth Union, in the joy of victory and marked the brilliant milestone of the capital.

My hometown was liberated (composed by: Van Chung)

My hometown is liberatedMy hometown is liberated

The song was given by musician Van Chung to the soldiers of the 308th Battalion on the day our army and people took over the capital. Bringing joy in each verse, “My hometown is liberated” plays upbeat, optimistic tunes, looking forward to a free life ahead.

Refer to the good and meaningful April 30 wishes to remember the gratitude of your father who shed blood for the independence and reunification of the country.

Just now is the historical significance of Capital Liberation Day that Bach Khoa GREEN wants to send to you. Hope you and your family will have a meaningful holiday and celebrate the brilliant victories of our Vietnamese people. Find out more about the Border Guard’s Traditional Day on Bach Hoa Xanh!

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